Join a Committee Today!

We currently have vacancies on some of our National Committees. If you’d like to join for the remainder of the term until the fall of 2023, we’d welcome your participation. To find out which Committees are in need and would be a good fit for you, please contact:

Amy Tam and Purvi Desai at: [email protected] or call 1-800-376-8539
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Outreach and Engagement towards organizational progress.  

National Committees are the pathway by which members contribute to the policies and processes that guide the Union between conventions. Committee members coordinate outreach and research inside and outside of the union in order to bring recommendations back to the National Executive. National Committee membership is set by the National Executive Board. 
You can find out more about how Committees function in the broader context of the Union by visiting the online Constitution page.

The NCCSC is tasked with removing barriers to participation in National Committees, and providing training, tools and support to enable Committees to achieve their mandates.

To that end, the NCCSC is working to deliver a training program to get the National Committees operating as envisioned and prescribed by the CUSW Constitution. Broadly, we are looking to find solutions to address this question:

How might we build capacity for productive collaboration in our national committee community so that they can more easily achieve their goals?
The NCCSC is interviewing Committee members to gather ideas and insights that will assist in determining what gaps exist in training and support and what we can do to bridge them.
CUSW is operating in an evolving socio-economic climate. The pandemic has created challenges to our ability to meet and get work done. As a result, we need to evolve the way we do our work.

The work of Committees is vital to CUSW’s foundational goals.  We’re experiencing challenges in forming Committees, retaining members and advancing the work of our organization. 

We believe it’s important to assess and understand the needs of members so that we can provide you with training, tools and supports to effectively plan and prepare in advance of the NEB Strategy session in September.
The goal of the NCCSC Training Program is to support and train CUSW National Committee members so that they:
  • Understand the Committee mandate and the roles and responsibilities of members
  • Effectively participate in the planning required to address their mandates 
National Committees play a vital role in CUSW working to achieve the vision of CUSW, encourage growth in our sector and other sectors, creating and aligning initiatives to the overall vision and making decisions that benefit CUSW Members and their families.

Each National Committee is responsible for establishing its operating guidelines, budget, business plan and long-term goals.
CUSW has over a dozen National Committees that work as teams, towards their mandates and the overall CUSW vision, to progress the interests of Members and their families. 
Our current National Committees are:
  • Apprenticeship
  • Audit
  • Communications
  • Constitution
  • Education and Training
  • Growth and Opportunities
  • Health, Safety and Wellness
  • Member and Family Assistance
  • Membership
  • Negotiating
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Political Action
  • Retirees
  • Social
  • Technology
  • Tradeswomen
  • Values and Beliefs
Any member of CUSW can step up to participate in a National Committee. Members must be nominated and selected by the National Executive Board.
Much of the work of the National Committees is through Members who contribute their own time to help advance initiatives. We believe in the training and upskilling of our membership, so CUSW provides supportive training and resources to Committee Members and Chairs through lost wages as much as possible.

Committee sites are committee-run websites used to provide more and better information to the membership at large. Learn more about a committee visiting a committee website via the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Committee
 sites are currently under construction.