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It can be a daunting venture reaching out to want to join a union, as every workplace is different, a groups needs might be equally different. The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers represents workers of every type, its up to you to ask if we can find a way to help you.

CUSW promotes a participation model union that enjoys the benefits of the members acting on committees. This open organization allows the decisions to be made, by the members for the members. People like yourself, that can actively contribute to a democratic process that promotes honesty, integrity, fairness and equality, is what sets us apart.

CUSW has a genuine desire to work together with employers, because when a company succeeds, so do the workers. CUSW is about building relationships to adapt to changes in technology and economic uncertainty, working towards multi skilled, multi trade members. The strength of a mobile workforce, with a nation wide membership, helps companies with job ready workers.

CUSW works diligently to provide employees with a legally recognized Trust Agreement where your level of benefits and coverage meets your needs. Group RRSPs, financial planning, health benefits and employee assistance are among these services that in turn employers and employees benefit from at a low cost from both perspectives.

Join us today, for a more secure tomorrow

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PARTNERING FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY – Reducing Barriers to Skilled Trades Growth in Ontario