Values & Beliefs

Welcome to the Values & Beliefs Committee

Working together is our cornerstone! 
Global trade is rising. Nations worldwide are increasing their global footprint. Canadians no longer just compete with neighbourhood industries in local markets; we want to respond to worldwide needs. CUSW Members recognize the need to build better international networks, increase diversity awareness and improve relationships with national and global partners in order to be a union that people want to be a part of.

Projections by Statistics Canada show the Canadian-born workforce is shrinking. Baby boomers are retiring and birth rates are falling. Foreign-trained workers are expected to account for all net labour force growth in the next few years and 80% of population growth by 2031. As a progressive union, CUSW Members are leading the way in order to remove barriers and welcome new groups of Members.

Our 12 Values and Beliefs guide everything that we do.

We strive to be a skilled and diverse workforce that includes women, visible minorities, people with disabilities and foreign-trained workers. We support all of the attributes that make our Members unique, including: speaking a variety of languages; having diverse perspectives, experiences and skills; and using respective language and behaviours that consider gender and sexual orientation.

Article 2.01 Comic Series - It’s Your Turn!

Our committee has released 3 comic stories so far, following a group of members through to their first day on the job as a CUSW member, encountering they ways in which Article 2.01 shows up in everything we do. Click on each to see a larger view.  You can download and print these as well!

Comic 1: One Call Can Change It All!

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Check it out! (click to enlarge)

Comic 2: No One left Behind

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Check it out! (click to enlarge)

Comic 3: New Hire Homecoming

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Check it out! (click to enlarge)

Comic 4: 
Member Ideas!

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Our 4th Comic is Member -Inspired Ideas - here’s what to do:

1 – Review all three comics released so far, and Article 2.01 in our Constitution.
2 - Using what you know of our Article 2.01, what situations, examples, or ideas do you have to bring it to life?  
  • “The fact that CUSW invests in upskilling our membership makes us better prepared for new jobs”
  • “Our union operates differently and it gives members the voice in their own futures, that means we get a say in how things are run”
  • Any other examples of implementing values of industrial democracy, providing members with health, safety, social and economic benefits…anything you find in Article 2.01

3 – Submit your ideas to [email protected] before May 15th , our committee will select a  handful of fantastic examples, and our comic-creating team will weave together our final comic adventure for the Plexman!
The final comic will come out in the summer, and will be customized with each unit name, and available to print and post in the workplace, at home and events.
Time to start those ideas rolling in, and see your Unit Name featured on the final Plexman comic!

CUSW Online Learning Centre

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Visit the CUSW on-line learning centre at and use your existing CUSW username and password to enroll. Learn from the comfort of your own home or while passing time in a hotel away from home. There is no cost to Members and you can learn anytime, anywhere, everywhere!
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Values & Beliefs

There are 11 Values and Beliefs that are part of our Constitution and guide everything that we do and all of the decisions that we make. Complete our new on-line course and by the end, you will know what those 11 Values and Beliefs are and have concrete ideas of how you can "live” them everyday and help to reinforce them in others.

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Harassment & Discrimination
We believe in the right of all Members to participate in CUSW activities and workplaces, in an environment that is free from discrimination and sexual harassment and that respects the personal worth and dignity of each individual. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the CUSW Equity Policy and Procedures on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and understand the important role that every Member has in ensuring that it is adhered to.