National Capacity Building

About the Committee


The NCBC, initially formed as a working group in 2022 to facilitate the active involvement of National Committee members in preparation for the transition of the National Executive Board (NEB) to a governance-focused mandate after July 1, 2023. Following the inaugural National Capacity Building Workshop in Blue Mountain (August 2022), it became evident that the working group needed formalization and transition to Committee status.  


The primary responsibility of the NCBC is to ensure that members of the:
  • National Executive Board,
  • Trusts,
  • National Committees; and
  • Joint Committees

comprehend their roles and possess the necessary tools and resources to fulfill their mandates. The NCBC will assess existing training (online and face-to-face), identify additional required training, and deliver a comprehensive training package aligned with the CUSW Constitution to enable members to carry out their evolving and expanded roles. Given the changes mandated at the last CUSW convention, the NEB relies on the NCBC to empower the Trusts, National Committees and Joint Committees in achieving their operational mandates while transitioning the NEB towards a governance model.

  1. The NCBC mandate, initially provided by the CUSW National Executive Board (NEB), may be refined further to ensure the organization's operational capacity within the Committee framework.
  2. The original mandate, anticipated to conclude by the end of September 2022, has been extended indefinitely, recognizing the ongoing need for support to enhance the organization's operational capacity.
  3. In January of 2024 the National mandate was expanded to include the NEB, Trusts and Joint Committees in a addition to the National Committees.
  4. The NCBC will identify, quantify, review, and approve actions and proposals that align with its mandate. Recommendations will necessitate updates to NEB Motions and Actions, with budgetary approval from the NEB and Training trustees.
  5. The NCBC, consisting of up to five CUSW Members, will utilize staff and consultants for support. Its responsibilities include: 
    1. Identifying support and training needs through surveys, interviews, and plan reviews. 
    2. Coordinating quarterly Committee Days and an annual National Capacity Building Workshop.
    3. Host a shared list of recommended vendors, consultants, advisors and staff leads for easy reference.
    4. Facilitating regular inter- Board/Committee/Trust collaboration meetings (ie. Values and Beliefs meeting with each committee to understand how they are integrating values and beliefs into their committee), then Communications meeting with each committee to discuss their internal and external communications needs, etc.).
    5. Drafting and submitting an annual budget to the NEB and Training Trust Trustees. 
    6. Co-ordinating monthly online national capacity building webinars.
    7. Participating in the monthly NEB Committee updates call.
  6. The NCBC will adhere to CUSW values and beliefs in decision-making, operating in accordance with the CUSW Constitution.
  7. The NCBC committee will convene once a month to approve policy and funding, review work, provide feedback, monitor progress, and recommend plan changes.
  8. NCBC roles will be filled by Members for a year at a time, with elections held one month before their term ends. Roles include a Chair and Recorder.
  9. The NCBC will have access to a portal through the CUSW website and other National Committee Portals.
  10. The NCBC will engage Union Representatives, Members, staff, and consultants as needed.
  11. Any additional required Terms of Reference will be drafted and consented to by NCBC Committee Members.