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"The Health and Safety and Wellness Committee is committed to providing support and resources to Members and their families in order to establish, build and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles."
– Health, Safety and Wellness Committee. Test Text. 

Health, Safety & Welness Policy

We the members ef the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers, are committed to maintaining a safe workplace for all of our members.

We recognize that all members have the right to work in a safe, healthy environment, in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations...

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"5 Minutes of Empathy - Improving Your Mental Health."

We held the annual Health, Safety & Wellness Conference in November 2022. We were thrilled to be back in person after a two-year hiatus, and the numbers showed! We had an amazing turnout, fantastic guest speakers and a true enthusiasm to get back in the same room, with new and familiar faces to discuss issues impacting our health and safety in the workplace. The theme chosen for the 2022 Conference was "5 Minutes of Empathy -Improving your Mental Health" After the challenges over the last couple of years, the Committee realized that not only was mental health high on the priority list, but so is a recognition that we can all play a part in making our workplaces healthier by showing each other empathy and understanding. If you would like to hear what our speakers had to say at the conference, click here to visit CUSW's 2022 HSW Conference YouTube channel.

We would like to remind you of the Health, Safety and Wellness courses, including Health and Safety Representative Certification, on Alliance Learning. COMING SOON - We have been working on an update to CUSW Health & Safety Policy and are just putting the finishing touches on it so we can post it to the website and share it with all CUSW Members. Please visit our HSW Committee Page for updates as we begin planning our next year's Conference! Here are some pictures from the H&S Conference in November 2022.

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