Working CUSW apprentices enjoy the benefits our Union provides, including: fair wages, greater equality, benefits and retirement, job security and tenure, training and education, safe workplaces, and the right to participate. 

There are many great reasons to start an apprenticship in the skilled trades, here's our top 3:

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In 2014 the median journeyperson income was $63,590, 6% higher than University graduates in architecture, engineering and related technologies. 1

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To keep pace with demand, Canada needs approximately 350,737 new apprentice registrations between 2020 and 2024. 2

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65% of GTA Skilled Tradespersons rated their job satisfaction between 8 and 10. Satisfied workers average the longest time in their occupations. 3

1. Source: CAF-FCA, Apprentice Demand in the Top Ten Red Seal Trades: A 2019 National Labour Market Information Report, (Ottawa: CAF-FCA, 2019)  2. Source: Statistics Canada (RAIS), 2018; Prism Economics and Analysis CANTRAQ System  3. Source: Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades, March 2019

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Apprenticeship Program Governance
The CUSW/Multi-Employer Apprenticeship Governance Council (AGC) is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of our apprenticeship training program. The goal is to maintain a balanced approach to apprenticeship training leading to a competent, skilled and proficient journeyperson.  CUSW and our employer partners work collaboratively to oversee each and every apprentice throughout the duration of their apprenticeship in our program.
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What's it like being a CUSW member?

“I can't believe the opportunities that this program has opened up for me. I kind of pinch myself sometimes. I've been on top of a reactor building, and you just stop and think about where you are. It's mind blowing.”

Jason P – CUSW Apprentice
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Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
CAF-FCA is a non-profit organization that connects Canada’s apprenticeship community. Participants work collaboratively to support vibrant and innovative apprenticeship systems and policies with a view to developing a highly skilled trades workforce. Learn more
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Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario
The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario (AABO) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of Aboriginal people in the trades in Ontario. Learn more

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