Job Centre

This virtual Job Centre is more than just a place from which those seeking work are joined up with employers offering jobs in their workplace. It is a place career opportunities are fairly and justly distributed, according to principles of equality and fairness in a process free of nepotism, prejudice or favoritism. The Job Centre functions in an open and accountable manner to fill positions according to criteria and categories set forth in our Collective Agreements with workplace partners.

The Job Centre is currently made up of three components:

  • The CUSW Hiring Hall
  • Employment Postings
  • CUSW-PWU Joint Dispatch

The Job Centre benefits employers by providing access to a geographically diverse membership to fill vacancies in urban, rural, remote and far flung locations across Canada. Through the Job Centre a vacancy in Sarnia can draw upon a labour pool residing in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary. Skills can be easily matched to the job requirement.

Access the Job Centre by signing in to your member account.

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