Community Building towards improved quality of life. 

Units are established on a Geographic, Sector or Bargaining Unit basis.  Units are established by the National Executive Board to enhance the participation of the Membership and promote the Union within the community.

About Units: From Article 10 in the CUSW Constitution & Policies:
"Units will be established on a Geographic, Sector, Bargaining Unit, Occupation or Trade basis as determined necessary by the National Executive Board to properly represent the members of the Union and to protect the work jurisdiction of the Union".

You can also find out more about how Units function in the broader context of the Union by visiting the online Constitution page.
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Unit sites are Unit-run websites used to provide more and better information to Unit members and to the membership at large. Learn more about your unit or another unit by visiting a Unit website via the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Unit sites are currently under construction.