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Tips to Navigate Conflict in the World of Social Media

Today I am sharing a timely article: Tips to Navigate Conflict in the World of Social Media.  

From the article: 

As an alternative dispute professional whose job is to navigate conflict daily, I am often asked how to handle certain situations. Recently, I was asked how to avoid engaging in social media battles.

What a timely and apropos question! Neuroscience tells us that we may not be the best versions of ourselves when we conflict, whether that’s in person or virtually. The part of our brain responsible for rational thought, the amygdala, is hijacked, and our ability to use executive function is suspended. Here are five tips to help you THINK and resist the urge to respond when you see a triggering post.

T.  Test yourself. 
H.  Have a plan. 
I.  Intent vs. impact.
N. Never take the bait. 
K. Know when to fold ’em. 

Click here for a description of each of the above items.