Values & Beliefs

Who We Are

These issues are real and we need to make changes in how some Members act and treat each other. To realize our mandate, our committee has come together to effect change within the environments in which we work.

Our Mandate

Be the voice for changing the culture within CUSW in order to implement a safe and fair environment for all Members and those they interact with.

What We Believe

Our Constitution governs us and guides us in how we interact as a group, as well as how we treat others, based on the Values and Beliefs that are listed within. As Members, we need to embrace not only the words, but the spirit of the words. Our Values and Beliefs provide us with a common foundation, but it takes every Member to embrace these Values and Beliefs in order to bring them to life.

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The Plan

To bring our Mandate to life we are an active partner in all CUSW events. You'll see us at the annual HSW Conference as well as at the Conventions and other CUSW events.