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Welcome to the Constitution Committee Site

The CUSW National Constitution Committee facilitates the clarification, education and improvement of the CUSW Constitution and Policies. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A new and updated version of the Constitution is now available for download on the CUSW home page and Constitution page. Hard copies are now available, but we encourage you to use the electronic version so we can preserve paper, and as we move forward in this technological driven future. Thank you

VIDEO: Your Constitution

Your CUSW Constitution and Convention go hand in hand. Here's how.

CUSW On-line Learning Centre

CUSW On-line Learning Centre 

Visit the CUSW on-line learning centre at and use your existing CUSW username and password to enroll. Learn from the comfort of your own home or while passing time in a hotel away from home. There is no cost to Members and you can learn anytime, anywhere, everywhere!

Learn about the CUSW Constitution

The CUSW Constitution and a Collective Agreement are two very important documents and between them, you can find the answer to any question that you might have. By completing this course, you will understand the differences between the two and know where to look for the answers to your questions.