About CUSW

Elections 2014: National Committees

CUSW-wide elections have begun. In this phase, members select who will represent them in the National Committees. Find out more about the process, and how elections work at CUSW by visiting the NEB Elections 2014 page in the Innovation Station. Learn More.

Member Participation is the foundation of who we are as a Union. 

In fact, the relations between the various parts of the Union were devised so as to ensure members were at the center for driving change and bringing workplace issues to the fore. Learn More.

Our Consitution: a Constitution by members & for members.

Our Constitution – the document that governs the Union – was created by regular members. Learn more, download it, or access a mobile-friendly version via the link below.
Learn More.



CUSW supports the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum as an "Apprenticeship Champion", contributing to CAF-FCA's national apprenticeship agenda. Learn more about the CAF. Learn More.

Skills For Change

CUSW is a proud sponsor of Skills for Change. Connecting new Canadians to Skilled Trades job opportunities. Learn More.


CUSW is Proud to be a partner of the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario. Learn more about this unique organization. Learn More.


CUSW and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association are partnering towards preparing 21st Century Workers for a sustainable energy future. Learn More.