CUSW Hiring Hall Rules - National Dispatch

1. A Member who becomes unemployed must register on the Dispatch List either by web site registration, email or phone. Late registrations will be recorded on the day they are received and that will become the "layoff date" for purposes of the Dispatch List.

2. The order Members are placed on the Dispatch List will be according to their registration date.

3. All registrations on the Dispatch List for a given date will be recorded in the order of the Member's last start date. Members who have the same last start date will be recorded and registered on the list randomly.

4. Short Term Exception: Members referred to work on a job expected to last two weeks or less will maintain their registration date on the Dispatch List.

5. Employer Request Exception: Members recently laid off may be referred back to the same Employer if the Employer requests workers within two weeks of a layoff provided it is for the same workplace (geographic area, project, zone, facility or site).

6. A Member must be current in their Basic Member Contributions to be eligible to be dispatched to work.

7. A Member who falls behind six months in their Basic Member Contributions will be removed from the Dispatch List.

8. These rules are established as a guideline for dispatch and are subject to change by the National Committee when necessary to protect the work opportunities of the Members.


December 4, 2015

Membership Contribution Status FAQ:

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