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How is CUSW responding to the 21st Century Union?

There is a shift going on in the workplace. Being part of a union is more than just collective agreements, it is a group of workers who come together because they want to be a part of their workplace and their community. 

Watch this video to get an understanding of what it means to be a 21st Century Union.

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Free and Democratic Union

Our union is more than just a collection of legal requirements

Most Members think of Collective Agreements and Grievances when they think about unions - but CUSW is much more than that! Our Constitution allows for us to contribute to Civil and Social Society but few really understand what this means and why it is so important. Watch this 2 1/2 minute video to learn more.

Time to Step Up!

In 1999 we made a decision to move past the “fight" and exercise our rights that had been won during the struggle.

With our “voice” we can overcome the “us and them” mentality; contribute to the success of the employers; and enrich the satisfaction of our Members. Watch this 1 1/2 minute video to find out what your role is.

CUSW Members are well positioned to take the lead 

We built the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers on the concept of a Knowledge Worker who participates in the day-to-day operations of their Union while at the same time taking a leadership role in the workplace and in the community. Watch this 1 1/2 minute video to find out how this impacts you.


The New Economy allows CUSW Members to connect with their work

We’ve now shifted from the Industrial Age to the Information Age and once again the relationship between workers and the products that they produce is changing. Watch this 1 1/2 minute video to find out how this impacts CUSW Members.

The Prez is NOT the boss of CUSW!

We pushed that idea out of the way to create a new reality

Globalization, Deregulation and Privatization - back in 1999, these were the three words that motivated us to move forward to build a Union for the 21st Century. Watch this 1 1/2 minute video to find out how these global issues have helped to shape CUSW.

A must-watch video!

CUSW members, you're part of something big! Watch this video to see how...

Alliance Learning tour

This 6-minute video for CUSW Members will take you through the steps to access Take the LEAD on-line and other learning programs available through the platform!

CUSW Website Tour

You can find the answer to just about any question somewhere on the CUSW site...but sometimes, navigating your way to that answer can be a challenge! Watch this 6-minute video to help you learn how the website is organized.

What YOU need to know about the Wagner Act

Have you ever wondered how Canadian workers gained the right to bargain collectively with their employers?

This 3 1/2 minute video explains the course of history that led to P.C. 1003 and subsequently to the protection of workers’ rights in Canada.


Wagner Act, printable handout:

Exercise your voice at the convention

Every three years, CUSW Members have the opportunity to come together to exercise their voice and have input into revising the Constitution - the document which guides us as a union. This 1 1/2 minute video is a glimpse into the 2015 Convention coming up in April of 2015.

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The CUSW Participation Models

This 3-minute video describes the CUSW Participation Models, including those for members in the Workplace, the Units and on National Committees. There are many ways for CUSW Members to contribute in meaningful ways.

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Delegates to CUSW Convention

The 6th Convention of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers is less than six months away and will be held in Niagara Falls! This is a great opportunity for your family to visit one of the World's Greatest Wonders while you participate in the democratic process that is such an important part of who we are as a union, by attending and contributing as a Delegate to the Convention. Watch this 3-minute video to find out more!

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CUSW Training Trust Fund

Watch this 5-minute video explaining how the CUSW Training Trust Fund works.

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CUSW - Initiatives of a 21st Century Union

This 3-minute video describes the various proactive initiatives of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers - a union that is redefining the way that workers come together to build a strong future for themselves and their communities while building successful relationships with employers and other partners.

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Joe Mulhall, speaking at All-Energy Canada

Hundreds gathered at the Direct Energy Centre for the All-Energy Conference last week. A truly global event and the first of its kind in North America, CUSW was a founding sponsor and organized the first-ever "labour track" as part of this event. Check out the presentation by Joe Mulhall, who discussed Labour and Skills.

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John Wabb, speaking at All-Energy Canada

Check out the presentation by John Wabb, who discussed the 20/20 Worker, skills & more at All-Energy Conference last week.

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Officers of the Union

Participating in the election process is an important part of belonging to a democratic union. On April 1st, the nomination period for Officers of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers will open. Every Member of CUSW has the opportunity to stand for election to the National Executive Board - find out what's involved, how the process works and the roles and responsibilities of the Officers of the Union by watching this 6-minute video.

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Key to Success: Workplace Participation

Active participation in the workplace is an important part of both Employer success and your own personal and professional development. This month's video looks at the contrast between "Taylorism" which was popular in the early 20th Century and the more employee-centric methodology known as Industrial Democracy.

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What is a 21st Century Union?

CUSW is a 21st Century Union - but to be honest, few Members really understand what that means.

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Using Twitter

How to use Twitter as a just-in-time educational tool to help you stay current with the news and developments that impact your workplace.

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Challenges Facing Unions

In this 11-minute video you will learn about the 5 BIG Challenges Facing Unions Today and what you and other CUSW Members can do to help overcome these challenges.

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Strategic Planning

Tips on how to create and/or revise your annual CUSW Strategic Plan

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Training Trust Fund

3:30 minute video on how the CUSW Training Trust Fund works and is of value to Members

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Using CUSW Portals for Maximum Effectiveness

10-minute video on tips for using portals to increase your National Committee's or Unit Executive's effectiveness.

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Sending an E Mail

5-minute video cast on how to use the CUSW database system to send an e-mail to all of the Members in a particular Unit.

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Innovation Station-WEBEX

How to schedule an on-line meeting using WebEx

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Effective Meeting Facilitation

105 minute video-cast on how to effectively facilitate face-to-face meetings

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Planning a Unit Meeting

Tips on how to plan a Unit meeting.

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Take the LEAD

Join Janet Stewart as she gives an overview of the "Take the Lead" program.

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