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This page was designed to help CUSW Members be effective in their role as a CUSW Representative. Here you will find resources (videos, documents, etc.) to get you started in your role. 

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We are now using ZOOM!

Watch this short video on how you join a ZOOM meeting.


As you start to set up your own committee meetings, this is a great video that will show you how you can schedule a meeting in ZOOM:

Meeting Agenda Template

Here are some meeting agenda resources.  

      40-minutes meeting agenda               90-minute meeting agenda


Webinar recording #1 - November 15, 2017

Here is the recording to the National Commitee meeting that took place on November 15, 2017. To view the slides that are associated with the meeting, please click here. Below you will find the handout from the meeting.

NC Zoom meeting - Nov 15-17 from CUSW on Vimeo.

Handout from meeting

Here is a great meeting agenda template to keep your meeting within 40 minutes. Click on the PDF or here to download. 

Webinar recording #2 - November 29, 2017

In this meeting we discussed how to put together a one year project plan for your committee. There are two great resources to help you out with this, below. 

NC Zoom Meeting - Nov 29-17 from CUSW on Vimeo.

Handouts from meeting

Here is a great meeting agenda template for a 90 minutes meeting. It also includes a timeline for your committee to fill out for assigned tasks. Click on the PDF or here to download. 







In the meeting we talked about changes in the industry and in the workplace that have made an impact over the years. Here is a great handout that sums up those changes. Click on the PDF or here to download. 



In this meeting we discussed how to put together your presentation for Convention in April. As you might have already seen, there are some great resources above as well. 

NOTE: the first little bit of this video the screen is black. Please fast forward to when the meeting starts at 0:40. 

Strategic Planning

Tips on how to create and/or revise your annual CUSW Strategic Plan

Using CUSW Portals for Maximum Effectiveness

10 minute video on tips for using portals to increase your National Committee's or Unit Executive's effectiveness.

Planning a Unit Meeting

Tips on how to plan a Unit meeting.

Sending an E Mail

5-minute video cast on how to use the CUSW database system to send an e-mail to all of the Members in a particular Unit.