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Geoff Denstedt has been elected as CUSW's newest President


Dear Members of CUSW,

I shall provide a brief background about myself, as most members perhaps are unfamiliar with who I am and what my beliefs are regarding the future of our Union.

I was born in Stratford Ontario, raised on the west coast of Ontario in Huron Township located in the county of Bruce. This move to the West Coast was the result of construction of the Heavy Water facility. My father was an electrician and our family moved from Perth County to Bruce County in pursuit of work. Like most construction workers, my family tended to gravitate towards were the work would be. After the Heavy Water came Bruce “A” and Bruce “B”, so I was very fortunate to spend my youth growing up in Bruce County and attending school in Ripley and Kincardine.

As a second generation electrician I understand the need to travel and the importance of strong Family considerations, and again, was very lucky to spend 15 years in one location. I started my Apprenticeship in 1988 and have been in the trade for close to 30 years, from Journey Person to Superintendent as well as operating my own Electrical company. I understand the need for Training and we must all place an importance on this great asset that we have, called “The Training Trust Fund”. The 21st century worker is the model that we need to maintain and improve upon.

Our Union is about to embark on a transition that many of our Members may be uncertain of and what we need to understand is that CUSW will become stronger as we go forward. We will have our Past President supporting us along the way through this transition. CUSW will have new leadership and new roles to accommodate the expansion of this Union and we, as Members, must be sure that we use our Democratic right and participate in the upcoming election. We have a strong structure in place, with a very solid foundation established by our founding members. It is our responsibility to carry forward this vision, that has taken 18 years to achieve, and make it even stronger for the future generations of CUSW Members.

The decisions that we are about to make will have a profound effect on our future, and these decisions will benefit our Members through Democracy. Our leadership has been transparent throughout the past and that honesty, integrity, and fairness will be carried forward with our new National Executive Board. I encourage ALL CUSW Members to participate and practice our democratic right, by voting in the upcoming elections.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Geoff Denstedt

Phone: 705-928-7842

Email: [email protected]


Union Experience

  • Member of CUSW since 2013
  • Guest speaker at Apprentice Orientation Sessions
  • Contributing writer to Apprentice Orientation Training

Committee Participation

  • Member of the National Apprenticeship Committee 2014 – present

Unit Participation

  • Greater Durham Region Unit Recorder 2014 - present
  • Member of GDR Unit Recruitment Committee 2014 - present

Other Associated Experience

  • Bargaining/negotiation committee member Darlington
  • Participant at the Durham College Apprentice Job Fair
  • Participant at the Curve Lake First Nations Job Fair
  • Participant at the PAID open doors Job Fair at the Darlington Energy Centre
  • Participant at the 2015 and 2016 CNA conference
  • Delegate to the 2015 CUSW Convention
  • Participant in the OSEA Powering Prosperity Awards 2014 and 2016