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2020 is an Election and Appointment year at CUSW - and you play an important role in the entire process. As a Member of CUSW, you can participate and have a voice in all aspects of the union and your workplace, including casting your vote in elections.

Have you thought about taking on a leadership role? Get to know the current election stage and be sure to check out the 15 minute courses detailing what's involved in each of these important positions, as well as an overview of the election process in general below.

Election phase:
National Committee Appointments

Election Phase Timeline:
July 6th, 2020 - Nomination Form distributed
August 21st, 2020 - Nominations deadline
September 2020 - Committee Appointments at eboard meeting


Nomination Form (closed)

Previous Election phase Downloads:
NEB and Officers of the Union

Election Results
Recount Results (official)

Online Election Courses:

Election and Appointment Process Overview

As a Member of CUSW, you can contribute and have voice in all aspects of the operation of the union and your workplace. In addition to your voice you can contribute by participating in many different roles. Complete this 15-minute course to fully understand the CUSW Election and Appointment Process.

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National Committees

There are more than a dozen National Committees, each focusing on a different area of interest so there are many ways for Members to participate based on their skills and interests. These committees are an important channel for Members to have voice in all of the activities and decisions affecting them. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about this important role.

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For more courses on upcoming election phases, view the Online Election Courses page.