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CUSW Convention 2018

The 7th Convention of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers has now passed. It was held in Ottawa April 13th to April 15th. It was a resounding success, the host committee (Ottawa Unit) did a wonderful job at making sure everything was in order and ran smoothly. Thank you for all of your hard work! Be sure to check out the twitter hashtag #CUSW2018 for highlights. 

The CUSW Convention is a great opportunity for Members to participate in the democratic process that is such an important part of who we are as a union, by attending and contributing as a Delegate to the Convention. Here is a copy of the agenda from this past Convention to give you an idea of what transpires over the course of the three days. 

2018 Convention Agenda

Photos from Convention

Convention Presentations

Throughout the Convention each Unit and Committee presented a report that detailed what goals they would like to accomplish. Below you will find each presentation for you to review. Should you have any questions or even perhaps you want to participate, make sure to visit each Committee or Unit webpage.

Visit the CUSW YouTube page to see the presentation videos.

7th CUSW Convention

CUSW President, Geoff Denstedt, kicked off the Convention with an orientation of what is to be expected over the next two days. 


21st Century Union - Responding to the 21st Century

Past President, Joe Mulhall, talked about Building a 21st Century Union. 


Harassment and Discrimination Policy

The Harassment & Discrimination Policy is an important one - it can be found at the back of our Constitution booklet. We hope that you apply this policy not only to the workplace, but to your everyday life.


Human Rights Policy 

Did you know that every Unit has a Human Rights & Equity Committee? CUSW promotes equality, respect, and safe workplaces for ALL workers.


Values and Beliefs Committee

Get up to date on what the Values and Beliefs Committee has been up to and what they have in store for the next couple of years. 


National Executive Board Report: Recruitment and Referral

The recruitment and referral process has been re-vamped, modernized let's say. This is making it easier for Members so that when they do get referred they are kept in the loop by getting the right emails and making sure the right people are notified.


National Executive Board Report: Growth and Opportunities

With the restructure of the National Executive Board there were some new positions created - one of them was the Vice President of Growth and Opportunities.


Niagara-Hamilton Unit

The Niagara Hamilton has been up to a lot since the last Convention. They also have a lot of great stuff planned for the coming couple of years!


Bruce Unit

The Bruce Unit does a lot, they are a very active unit and have lots of great thigs planned for the next couple of years. 


Central Unit

The Central Unit is full of youth and enthusiasm! They definitely have a challenge (geographical) on their hands but I think they are handling it well.


Greater Durham Region Unit

This Unit has a lot of fun but they also get down to business. They are in the works at developing some training workshops.


Ottawa-Kingston Unit

The Ottawa Unit was the host committee this Convention and they did a fantastic job! It was also approved that this unit will now be the Ottawa-Kingston Unit. 


Northern Unit

The Northern Unit has its work cut out for them as they are just so spread apart. But with the power of technology this unit will be up and running in no time!


Atlantic Unit

The Atlantic region is one that we have been recruiting in however in some provinces there are different rules and regulations that need to be followed.


National Training and Education Committee

The NTEC has been working hard at helping to create online courses to help Members stay on top of their skills development.


Growth and Opportunities Committee

The Growth and Opportunities Committee (G.O. for short) is responsible to grow CUSW employment opportunities.


Constitution Committee 

This Committee works with ALL Members to ensure that the CUSW Constitution is at the forefront of all behaviour, each and every day. 


Health, Safety, Wellness Committee

The HSW Committee provides support to Members and their families. They promote healthy lifestyles and make information and resources available to Members. 


Social Committee

The role of the Social Committee is to assist and encourage Units to engage iun events within their community. They aim to see that Members and Units integrate each other into these events. 


Political Action Committee

The purpose of the Political Action Committee (PAC) is to interact with politicians and political parties to get all information. This will help CUSW so that we can adapt accordingly for the mutual benefit of Members and Employers. 


Negotiating Committee

Negotiating Committee provided the tools and support to committee members in a bargaining unit. They do NOT negotiate collective agreements themselves. 


Apprenticeship Committee

This committee represents the voice of current and future apprentices in the CUSW Apprenticeship Program. The committee is made up of both apprentices and journeymen. 


Member and Family Support Committee

Formerly known as the Sick Benefit Committee, this committee is there to provide support for members who need some extra help along the way. 


Retirees Committee

Purpose of this committee is to improve the quality of retirement for current and future CUSW retirees. The assist Members (and their families) with the retirement process and transition. 


Communications Committee

This committee works with the National Executive Board, Units, and other Committees as well as staff and consultants to meet, advice and facilitate the internal and external communication needs of CUSW. 


Power Sector Benefit Trust (PSBT)

A group of Trustees who manage and operate the Trust as outlined in the Trust document. It is a join agreement between CUSW and the Power Worker's Union (PWU); there are 5 trustees. 


Power Sector Retirement Trust (PSRT)

A group of Trustees that manage and operate the retirement trust. 


The Training Trust Fund

The Training Trust Fund is funded by Employer contributions. The goal of the Trust is to have and put in resources in place for all members to engage in life-long learning.