The 2018 Convention has passed and was a resounding success! Details of the event remain below. Be sure to check out the Twitter hastag #CUSW2018 for highlights!

Delegate Information Page

Congratulations to those offering your participation as Delegates to the 7th CUSW Convention. This year the Convention will take place April 13, 14 & 15, 2018 in Ottawa. Below you will find all of the important details you'll need to participate in the Convention.

Non-delegates or members who are new or unfamiliar with how the Convention Works – read on for a short background.

The primary purpose of the Convention is to provide members with an opportunity to bring forward their ideas on how to improve our Union. Members are invited to submit Resolutions - another way to say proposed changes - that if approved by the Delegates would change the Constitution of the Union.

The Constitution is the structure that guides us on how we manage the opportunities that come with being a union. As members of the Union we get to design how it will work. This is your union and your future. It is worth the time.

Convention Details



101 Lyon Street, Ottawa ON 
K1R 5T9

Parking is located on site



Delegates may register on Friday, April 13, 2018 between 2:00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

After registration there is an orientation session Friday night from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. This prepares Delegates for the Convention business over the Saturday and Sunday. Late registration will be available Saturday morning between 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. It is important that Delegates register to get Convention Status. Delegates will be given a Convention Kit to prepare and participate in the Convention. The Convention Committee will host a Welcome Reception for Delegates and their spouses/partners following the conclusion of Orientation Session on Friday night.


Delegate Expense Policy

The Delegate Expense Policy allows for mileage and/or reasonable travel expenses for the trip from the Delegate’s home/work location to the Convention and the return trip. No lost wage expenses will be accepted for Friday travel except for pre-approved special circumstances. Please feel free to contact Michele Young to discuss special circumstances.


Parking (and Directions)

  • There are lots of one-way streets around the Delta hotel so the easiest way to access the parking lot is to come off the highway at the Kent Street exit and head north (towards downtown). Turn left at Albert Street and the entrance to the underground parking lot will be on your right on that first block.
  • If you have a very LARGE vehicle, you may not want to use that parking lot! It is very tight although they do profess that trucks can in fact access it…good luck. Alternately, drop your bags at the front door (first set of lights) and then park outside across the street instead.


Accommodations and Meals

The cost of Delegates accommodation and meals during Convention will be borne by CUSW.

Accommodations will be provided for Delegates on a double occupancy basis.

CUSW policy is 2 Delegates per room. Delegates will incur no cost to themselves for accommodation. Members booking outside of the 2 Delegate per room policy will have costs as described below. Michele Young, working with the CUSW, will be contacting all of the Delegates to book the Convention accommodations over the coming weeks. Any special requirements (i.e. allergies, food, childcare, etc) should be identified to Michele.

Delegates have a couple of options.

  • Rooms will be booked double occupancy (2 to a room). There will be no cost to Delegates that agree to double occupancy. Please let Michele know if you have someone that you prefer to stay with. If not then Michele will team you up.
  • If the Delegate wishes to occupy a room by themselves, they will be required to pay one-half of the nightly room rental cost (shown below). Rooms come with two Queen-size beds per room. Room rental rates are $149.00 +tax per night.


Convention Resolutions

You will receive a Convention Resolutions package at the Convention. Official Resolutions, with recommendations, will be part of the Delegate Kit upon sign-in on Friday night.


Family Activities

The Host Committee is planning a number of activities for Delegate Spouses and Partners, including activities for the children joining us for the weekend. Activities will include a Welcoming Reception Friday evening and a Saturday Night Function. Additional activities and details will be provided during the Delegate Orientation sessions on Friday night.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa in April!