Finding good unions in Toronto

CUSW is a proud member of the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU), the largest association of independent unions in the country.  The CCU was founded in 1969 on the initiative of Kent Rowley and Madeleine Parent, both of whom have been called by authors and historians as two of the finest labour organizers in our country’s history.

The CCU is dedicated to the establishment of a democratic, independent Canadian labour movement free from the influence of American-based international unions. The CCU includes almost 20,000 members in affiliated unions in both the public and private sector.  Like CUSW, the CCU is based on member participation and rank and file democracy.  CUSW members play an active role in the CCU, attending its conventions, labour schools and publishing articles of interest in its online social media and newsmagazine, CCU Connections.  

CUSW shares the CCU’s steadfast commitment to workers’ rights, equality, diversity and other progressive values that put people first.  Like its other affiliates, CUSW and the CCU are active in the struggle for a new Canada and a better world based on the ideals of democracy, environmental sustainability, solidarity and peace.  Both CUSW and CCU believe that when workers come together under a set of common objectives, there isn’t anything they can’t do.