null CUSW Connect - November 2020

CUSW Connect

November 11, 2020

CUSW Connect - November 2020

The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers works collaboratively with over 50 employer partners. When you become a CUSW member, you become a part of our community working toward the growth and success of yourself, your Union and our employer partners. Tron Construction & Mining joined the CUSW network of employers in 2016 and will be our featured employer in this edition of Employer Spotlight. Keep an eye out for our next article which will include an in-depth interview with a current CUSW Member and Tron employee.

Tron Construction & Mining Limited Partnership (Tron) is a 100% First Nations-owned, multi-trade construction service provider.
Over the last three decades, Tron has worked closely with large clients as a preferred construction partner.  Tron has completed a wide range of multi-discipline construction projects for these clients such as greenfield facility construction, revamping of existing process facilities, ongoing facilities maintenance and underground construction work.

Tron’s four pillars of execution success are safety, quality, schedule and cost. Our client-centric approach allows us to build true partnerships by focusing on developing strategic long-term relationships with clients, suppliers and contractors. Our First Nations roots provide us with an unparalleled understanding of how to effectively build and sustain Indigenous relationships in impacted areas as well as build capacity.

Tron is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of all our employees and providing a safe and healthy work environment through the cooperative efforts of all employees. This commitment is achieved through the integration of HS&E policies, procedures and guidelines into all organizational activities with a focus on eliminating all incidents that downgrade the safety and efficiency of our operations. 
Tron looks to hire and develop new workers as well as strives to foster relationships with First Nation communities. This provides individuals with access to opportunities to enrich their lives through skills development, industry experience, and financial rewards.  Tron’s training and development strategies aim to invest in our people in the following ways:

  • Labourer - this is a role that provides immediate opportunities to bring on board new workers that may or may not have a significant amount of relevant experience or education.  Tron seeks to utilize a good mix of experienced hands, as well as those motivated for the opportunity.  This position provides immediate training, experience and financial rewards while giving employees a chance to understand what future roles are available to develop into. 
  • Operator - this position is often an advancement from Labourers.  Operating provides many new future opportunities in a large swath of sectors.  This is an area that Tron historically provides both in-house and external training and certification in once the position is earned.
  • Apprenticeship is an area that Tron believes has a significant opportunity for growth.  Dependent on project size, duration and lead time, Tron utilizes various strategies to support the project and employee.

Tron supports diversity in their hiring and employment practices with Indigenous peoples, visible minorities and women employed in various labour, skilled, and managerial roles throughout the company.

Mikhail Hanna, PhD, PMP, PMI-RMP
Vice President, Ontario