null CUSW Connect - May, 2021

CUSW Connect

May 19, 2021

CUSW Connect - May, 2021

The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers works collaboratively with over 50 employer partners. When you become a CUSW member, you become a part of our community working toward the growth and success of yourself, your Union and our employer partners. In this issue we talk to a member who describes his experience as a working member of CUSW. 

TeahJay Crews, 
an electrical apprentice and construction maintenance worker, is relatively new to CUSW. Having joined in March 2020, TeahJay’s work with TRON electrical services is his first CUSW job.

TeahJay, 36, has a background in telecommunications but has always dabbled in construction and electrical work. Having worked alone for much of his career, TeahJay has really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of being on a crew. “Especially these days,” he said. “That's kind of a driving force, the workforce, the colleagues, the camaraderie, it's all beneficial.”
Starting as an apprentice later in his career has taught TeahJay to not judge a book by its cover. 

“The guys that are training me are actually way younger than I am so people come up to me thinking that I'm the journeyman,” he said.  
Relatively new to the field TeahJay says he looks forward to continuing to learn and improve his skills. He is happy to be a part of both the TRON and CUSW teams.