null COVID-19 Membership Update And Employee Communication 13

COVID Update

December 31, 2021

COVID-19 Membership Update And Employee Communication 13

It has been another long and challenging year. But here we are, moving forward, facing the challenge together. We should be proud of the what we achieved this year at work and in our communities. We look forward to a safe and happy 2022.

We continue to encourage Members and Staff to get vaccinated and boosted and to maintain public health guidelines. In the early winter season we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the spread of the virus through the Omicron variant, it is important we continue to: 

•    stay home when we are not feeling well
•    cover your mouth and nose with a face covering
•    stay at least 6 feet away from people when you are able
•    wash you hands often
•    clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
•    get vaccinated for your protection and for the protection of others
•    participate in COVID-19 testing programs if available

Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

Our Employer partners continue to engage your Union Stewards and Joint Health and Safety Committee Members to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. In recent weeks our Employers have begun to share and implement vaccination policies. Most of our Employers have chosen to take a voluntary vaccination disclosure and testing approach to their policies that allows accommodations for all employees. It is important that you participate in discussions explaining these policies and provide feedback to your supervisor and workplace representatives.

In Canada, we have done well in our efforts to keep each other safe by vaccinating most adults, but there is more to be done to protect ourselves and our communities from COVID and the unknown Omicron variant. We support public health messaging that vaccination, including boosters, is the best defense against COVID-19. Some may have questions or concerns about the vaccine. The Provinces continue to provide important information, for example the Ontario government has provided answers to vaccine questions at:

COVID-19 vaccines for Ontario | COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Ontario

These are trying times. If you are feeling stressed, we remind members that supports are available through the PSBT Benefits plan (more details below). 

Staying Up to Date
We continue to advise Members and Staff to monitor the latest notices and advisories on COVID-19 from Federal, Provincial and local health authorities. The Public Health Canada website has many resources:

Resources for Members struggling with Stress

This is a stressful time for everyone. From the beginning, we have reinforced the need for members to take stock of their mental well-being and to seek help if they need it. Fortunately, help is available through your PSBT Member & Family Assistance Plan (MFAP) delivered on our behalf by Homewood Health. Among the services available to help members and their families during this time are: Childcare resourcesRelationship coachingParenting resources and Financial counselling. Assistance is available 24/7. Learn more on the PSBT website:
The Power Sector Benefit Trust (PSBT)

Keeping in Touch
With our offices closed and many staff working from home, we will continue to respond to members’ needs as promptly as possible, and remain ready and able to assist. The best way to correspond with staff is via email at the following addresses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

CUSW General: [email protected]
CUSW Apprenticeship: [email protected]
Security Clearances: [email protected]
Training Trust: [email protected]
PSBT Benefits: [email protected]
PSRT Retirement: [email protected]

As always, you can find this information on our websites along with other helpful services and information about membership behind sign in.

Thank you,
National Executive Board