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Greg Padulo

Generation 7 - CUSW Member



Paul Deck

Electrician - GDR Unit


Brian Pineo

Electrician - Northern Unit


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Electrician - Central Unit


Chris Foster

Electrician - GDR Unit


Geoff Denstedt - NEB Liaison

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The New Year is here and that means its Election and Appointment time!

We hope that everyone had a great holiday but it is now back to business. The 2017 CUSW Elections are now open - first up are the nominations for your Workplace Health and Safety Rep and Workplace Steward . 

good place to start is with Alliance Learning online courses that are now available! The first series of courses will give you a solid understanding of how the Election and Appointment process works and will explain what it means to be a Workplace Health and Safety Rep or a  Workplace Steward. 

After you have completed these online courses, you will then be able to cast your votes wisely when the time comes. You might even think, "Hey, I want to be more involved. I think I might want to take one of these on!" But there is no pressure, don't worry. 

Remember, as a CUSW Member YOU are the one who has a voice and contributes in all aspects of the operation of our union and your workplace.

The time has come, so make sure you speak LOUD enough for everyone to hear!

Visit Alliance Learning to complete the first series of Election courses NOW! 

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