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Greg Padulo

Generation 7 - CUSW Member



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Electrician - GDR Unit


Brian Pineo

Electrician - Northern Unit


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Electrician - Central Unit


Chris Foster

Electrician - GDR Unit


Geoff Denstedt - NEB Liaison

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So who is behind all of this content developed by Alliance Learning?

With SO many online courses being developed by Alliance Learning, we thought we would introduce you to some of the faces behind this wonderful world of CUSW knowledge!

Meet Mike Alce and Dave Allore they are the CUSW Members who developed all of the content in the Health and Safety Representative course.

That is right! You read it correctly - CUSW Members are the ones behind the scene, creating all of this content for other Members, so you can have access to these resources at your finger tips! 

And let's not forget about Steve Gilroy! He developed all of the content for the Negotiating Skills Certificate courses. 

Thank you Mike, Dave, and Steve for all of your hard work in developing these great resources for CUSW Members!

For more information on the Health and Safety Representative course and the Negotiating Skills Certificate courses, visit Alliance Learning. Use your CUSW log in to access. 
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