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Final days! Free online courses this month

Last Chance To Get These Career-Building Online Courses— FREE

In case you’ve missed all the excitement, this is “Communications Month”! To celebrate, we’re offering you career-building online courses in communications, FREE.

But you’ve got to enroll today. The deadline is coming fast.

Why take a communications course?

Experts agree the more skilled and confident you are as a communicator, the more successful you’ll be in your career. That’s not surprising. Imagine how much more effective you’ll be when you can:

•    Work more productivity with others,
•    Get team projects done, faster,
•    Masterfully handle difficult conversations,
•    Listen so people know you’re listening, and
•    Much more.

These online courses will show you how. Here are the course links and discount codes.

•    Effective Listening Skills. Discount code EFFE1
•    Skillful Collaboration. Discount code SKILL3
•    Navigating Difficult Conversations. NAVIG2

Just plug in the codes when you enroll and the price drops to zero!
By the way, if you’re in leadership — or want to get into a supervisory position — these online courses are a must. (They count towards your Communications Certificate.)


So don’t wait. Grab these online courses today before your discount codes expire. Remember, you can enroll now and then take the courses anytime.

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