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Call for Participation: NEB Appointed Representative - Education and Training

Call for Participation: NEB Appointed Representative - Education and Training

At this time last year, the NEB took the steps to move some of the duties and responsibilities of the President, on to two appointed representatives: Recruitment and Referral, and Education and Training. This year, we continue that process by appointing a new Education & Training Representative.

New Representative: Education and Training

CUSW was founded on the concept of the “knowledge worker”. We know that for CUSW to be successful going forward we must continue to embrace this principle together with the advancement of skills development as we bring to life the 21st Century Worker in a 21st Century Community. To realize the goal of having Training Participation Agreements with each employer and a Take the LEAD plan for each member, the National Training and Education Committee needs support. The NEB is proposing that the duties associated with the implementation of these programs be reassigned from the President to a person dedicated to supporting the Committee and building these structures across Canada. This person will become a Representative of CUSW and carry out her/his duties in accordance with the direction of the NEB.


The successful candidate will need to be able to work independently, willing to travel across the country, be available to meet with others in the evening and on weekends and proficient with Microsoft Office.

If you are interested in this position, please express your interest to the National Executive Board before Friday June 29th, 2018 for consideration. Please include a short description of why you are interested in the position.




Questions about these positions should be directed to Geoff Denstedt at 705-928-7842 or

Thank you,
CUSW National Executive Board

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