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Build your “communications” muscle

FREE This Month: Master the #1 Soft Skill Needed to Boost Your Career

Here’s a fact that may surprise you...
Next to “hard skills” like welding or heavy equipment operation, what is the skill most likely to catapult your career success?
The answer: Communications.
Experts agree that if you’re a skilled and confident communicator, you’re likely to get better employment opportunities, enjoy rave reviews at work (from co-workers and superiors alike), and progress faster into leadership roles.
So with that in mind, we have great news!

March is “Communication Skills” Month!

To celebrate, we’re offering three communication courses at no cost. All you have to do is use the Discount Codes (below) when you register.
Here’s a quick rundown on the courses available.

  • Effective Listening Skills. Co-workers and supervisors are impressed when they feel you’re really listening to them. (And unimpressed when you’re not!) That’s why it’s vital to be seen as a good listener in the workplace. This course teaches you how. DISCOUNT CODE: EFFE01
  • Skillful Collaboration. This course gives you practical tips for working with others, getting more done, and achieving better results, whether you’re collaborating with one person or twenty. DISCOUNT CODE: SKILL03
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations. Tough conversations are tough! This course shows you how to minimize drama, deal with stress and emotions, and get the best outcome possible. A must if you work on teams or in leadership. DISCOUNT CODE: NAVIG02

If you’re going after your Communications Certificate — a smart move! — these courses count towards the requirements.

Take One, Two or All Three Courses – FREE

These are online courses, so you can take them anytime. On your phone. Or your computer.
And they’re so convenient. You can do a few minutes of a course at lunch, and some more on the weekend. The system remembers were you left off.
Building your “communications muscle” may be one of the best things you do for your career. These courses make it easy. You don’t even have to go to the gym! Just register for a course today.
When you put in the Discount Codes the price goes to zero.

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