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Electrician - GDR Unit


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Electrician - Northern Unit


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Electrician - Central Unit


Chris Foster

Electrician - GDR Unit


Geoff Denstedt - NEB Liaison

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Accelerate your career for only $10

Looking for an easy (and affordable!) way for YOU to gain new workplace skills?

There’s no doubt about it. The sooner you learn new and valuable workplace skills, the faster your career grows.
The problem is, traditional courses are expensive. Plus, you have to give up a few evenings or weekends. And seriously rearrange your life to get there! 
Well, we’ve got good news for you! The team at Alliance Learning has released dozens of NEW online courses, which make it convenient and affordable for you to gain new career-boosting skills.

And the best part is, you get a whopping 75% rebate from the CUSW Training Trust Fund. Click here for more details

46 Online Courses to Choose From

Want to further your leadership skills? Need tips on working with difficult people? Have an eye on a new supervisor position? Whatever your goal, one of these online courses is bound to help you achieve it.
And they’re so easy to take. Just log in anytime — on any device.
You decide the pace, and where and when you work on a course. For example, looking for something to do on your lunch hour? You can use your phone and do a lesson. 

It couldn’t be easier! 

Incredible Savings for CUSW Members

If you want to boost your career, a night course at a college can cost hundreds of dollars. A comparable online course is cheaper, but not by much. Maybe $50-$100.

But these new Alliance Learning courses are just $39 each.
And it gets better. As a CUSW member, you get a $29 rebate, which cuts the price down to just $10.
Ten bucks! That’s about the cost of a movie or a pizza.

As you can see, these online courses were created so that nothing stands in the way of learning the skills you need to succeed. They’re convenient. They’re affordable. They’re professional-grade. 

Now it’s up to you. Check out these online courses today. Pick the one that will help you most. Sign up. Then watch your career grow!

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