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Training & Education

The Training & Education Committee Welcomes You.

Our Mandate:

  • Develop/design, education and training programme in response to industry needs
  • Communicate to membership about the training opportunities and proposals related to training
  • Align training with other committees
  • Provide structure so members can participate

A successful outcome of the NTEC will be:

  • Programs that respond to industry and member needs
  • Improved training and education communications, opportunities, and uptake
  • Engaged Committee participation

The National Training & Education (NTEC) website has Videos, News and a FAQ page to answer some of your questions. And be sure to check out our Online Learning Centre at

(click here or the below image to view your 2021 course options!)

We want to hear from you as well. Email us with your questions, ideas or comments.

Accessing Alliance Learning

This 2-minute video for CUSW Members will take you through the steps to access Take the LEAD on-line and other learning programs available through the platform!


CUSW On-Line Learning Centre

Complete your Take the LEAD on-line Certification in just a few hours! Visit our on-line learning centre at and use your existing CUSW username and password to enrol. Learn from the comfort of your own home or while passing time in a hotel away from home. There is no cost to Members and you can learn anytime, anywhere, everywhere!


Find out about upcoming courses, training requirements, and other news and information. Visit our newsroom! Learn more...


What is a 21st Century Union? Short 5-minute videos at the Innovation Station offer a look at the big picture. Learn More...


How does the CUSW Training Trust Fund work? What kinds of courses are covered? Your questions answered. Learn more...

The Innovation Station

The CUSW Innovation Station has been designed to provide on-line learning resource to Elected & Appointed Representatives and members.

It has resources on developing your interpersonal and leadership skills, and tips on preparing a meeting agenda, improving your PowerPoint skills and lots more.

Visit the Innovation Station

Keeping pace by learning new skills

There’s lots of change happening in the Canadian economy, with its emerging industries and technology. These changes are creating new career opportunities, and also changing the skills we need to participate in the workplace.

Check out the NEXUS website for information about emerging technologies!