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Greg Padulo

Generation 7 - CUSW Member



Paul Deck

Electrician - GDR Unit


Denni Kuntz

Electrician - South West Unit


Brian Pineo

Electrician - Northern Unit


Scott Fraser

Electrician - Central Unit

[email protected]


Chris Foster

Electrician - GDR Unit

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Geoff Denstedt - NEB Liaison

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses "should" I take?

You should take any course that you have an interest in. Courses that will help you to maintain your employability and enhance your skills set will help you to successfully navigate the constantly changing marketplace. By continually upgrading and expanding your knowledge, skills and abilities, you will maintain your value in the workplace and increase the odds of being able to find meaningful, well-paid work.

What kinds of courses are covered by the CUSW Training Trust Fund?

Just about everything! In addition to completing courses of a technical nature, we encourage you to upgrade your interpersonal skills. Consider taking courses that will provide you with transferable skills that will be useful to the Knowledge Worker of the future. The 20/20 worker will not be able to depend on technical skills alone!

*Recreational courses are subject to approval from the Training Committee.

How does the Training Trust Fund work?

The Training Trust Fund was designed to provide each Member with an answer to his/her "needs".
Rather than having to depend on only your employer for your training needs, you can decide what types of develop YOU need as part of your own career plan. Determine your need and take an appropriate course to suit your needs. Once you have completed the course of your choice, then complete and submit this form for reimbursement. You can be reimbursed for 75% of your course fee, up to $500 and there is no limit to how many times you can take advantage of the Training Trust Fund.

How can I take training if I don't know where I'm going to be working?

If you will be working in a specific area for a while, consider registering for a program through the local Community College. They also offer many short and weekend courses.

Alternately, many course are now available on-line. If you are staying in a location that has access to the Internet, you could be using your evenings to upgrade your skills via an on-line workshop. These  are also eligible for reimbursement through the Training Trust Fund.

This 5-minute video explains how the CUSW Training Trust Fund works