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Business Start-up Checklist

This quick-start guide is intended to provide entrepreneurs with an easy-to-use checklist of the basics that need to be done to get a business up and running. Download PDF 

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Is being an entrepreneur right for you? This is an important question that only you can answer. Here's some help.
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Your Guide to Start-up Costs

The biggest obstacle that entrepreneurs face is figuring out how much money they need to start and run their business. These cost estimates are the foundations used for setting prices and rates, analyzing profitability, asking for loans and investments, and most other finance-related tasks for starting your business. This process is extremely important, but does not need to be turned into rocket science. This guide will step you through the process.
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The One-Page Business Plan

Writing a one-page business plan helps the new or small business owner focus on the main components that make up the company. A business plan is a good option to write even for a single-employee business. It brings professionalism through defining the business, setting goals and provides a roadmap for success.
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Should You Offer a Good Deal or the Lowest Price?

Everyone likes a good deal. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that a good deal for the customer requires that they give their lowest price. That's a costly mistake. It can rob them of the profits they need to prosper, grow, or perhaps even to survive. When we give customers a good deal instead of lowest price we'll close more sales, have happier customers, and higher profits.
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Become an Expert

I've got some news for you. If you're a skilled worker, you're already an expert. However, if you're an expert buried amongst a bunch of similar experts, you're like a tree in the forest and it will be hard to tell you apart. We need to set you apart so we can tell you apart. In this bulletin, we'll show you ways to set yourself apart to help grow your business.
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Pick Your Niche

One of the mistakes that new businesses make is to try to be all things to all people. This unfocused approach can cause them to be nothing to nobody. When you pick your niche, you differentiate yourself from other businesses and stand a better chance of succeeding.
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