SmartNet Alliance is capable of providing varied services that will be a benefit to your business.


Processing payroll can be an expensive, time-consuming and confusing task for many businesses. Tax laws frequently change, as do filing requirements. Our team of certified... Read More »


Group Insurance

An employee group benefit package is a great way to retain the staff you've spent so much time, effort and money in training. It can also be an incentive to recruit staff who are tops in their ... Read More »


SmartNet Alliance has a seasoned and experienced business coach/mentor who is available to assist new entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their businesses. This service is offered free of charge to members of the Alliance.

Safety Support
and Safety Plans

The Alliance is able to provide access to safety professionals who can conduct safety training and assist in the development of project and corporate safety plans. 


The Alliance will assist companies to arrange for employer-required training. Both face-to-face and on-line training is available through the Alliance and includes: manufacturer and supplier training as well as refresher training.



Contract Management      

As an Alliance member, we will connect you with other members who can work with you on your projects to fill the following positions: Project Managers, Project Team Leaders, Cost / Schedulers, etc.

Contract Support    

We will help you find members who can provide you with assistance to review the terms and conditions of contracts.


SmartNet Alliance is developing a network of engineering firms that want to support and partner with Alliance members. Their involvement would either be as a fee for service contract or as part of a bid team where they would get paid if the team was the successful proponent in the tendering process.

The goal is to have multiple firms across the country that we can refer Alliance members to, who would be willing participants therefore creating competitive pricing for these services.

Proposal (Estimating) Support for RFPs

Through the Alliance, we support entrepreneurs to:

  • ensure complete scope of work is identified
  • review contracts and identify all the deliverables
  • understand the type of contract and the associated restrictions
  • create a work breakdown structure
  • create a project schedule


SmartNet Alliance is working with its associates to create an investment fund that will support the financial requirements of the members of the Alliance's Investors interested in supporting specific types of projects are already available through the Alliance.
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Marketing is an important part of growing your business. Through the Alliance, we can connect you with other entrepreneurs who can help you design and action a marketing plan for your business.


SmartNet Alliance plans on creating a mechanism for group purchases that will result in:

  • Lower material costs
  • Lower safety equipment costs
  • Accounts setup in community based outlets