For Existing Businesses

If you're on this page it's probably because you already run your own business and have navigated your way through the challenges of stepping out on your own. It's a huge step, as you are well aware, and not one that everyone has the courage to take.

If your business is older than two years, you're a survivor as most start-ups will fail within those first two years. This also means that you are probably ready to find ways to expand your business as you move forward. Becoming a member of the SmartNet Alliance is one way to find and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our mission is to assist Alliance members find complementary companies who wish to partner and collaborate on projects in the renewable and sustainable energy fields. By combining their industry experience, differing trades, and their trade-specific skills, the newly-formed consortium will have the resources to bid on major projects that may be beyond the capabilities of the individual member company.

We may be able to match you up with other Alliance members whose service offerings complement yours and allow the combined firms to take on jobs that each firm would not be able to do alone. This process is key to being able to take on larger and larger projects.

As one of the services to our member companies, we actively look for potential opportunities and encourage members to proactively seek new business that will enable them to grow and prosper. As part of that service we provide electronic and telephone access to a resource person to assist with identification of appropriate RFP and tender documents.

You will also have access to a Members-Only Section that includes an area for resource sharing, a discussion board, guidance on government grant and loan programs, links to local business support services on a regional scale and work-identification maps which provide detailed information about early-stage energy sector projects.

We also provide the services of an experienced business mentor who can provide an unbiased opinion as to where your business is and provide guidance to help you get it to where you want it to be.

If appropriate, we encourage you to offer your services to other members of the Alliance through our Resource section.

So, if you already own a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the energy field, the Alliance's resources, assistance, mentoring, and coaching will help you take the next steps and take you to the next level.