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Attention CUSW Members! 2020 is an Election and Appointment year - and you play an important role in the entire process.

Have you thought about taking on one of the many leadership roles?

Complete this series of 15-minute courses to find out what is involved in each of the important positions. Not interested in standing for election or nomination? No problem - complete the courses to ensure that you understand the responsibilities of each and cast your votes wisely when the time comes. 

The Election and Appointment Process

As a Member of CUSW, you can contribute and have voice in all aspects of the operation of the union and your workplace. In addition to your voice you can contribute by participating in many different roles. Complete this 15-minute course to fully understand the CUSW Election and Appointment Process.

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Workplace Steward

Workplace Stewards play an important role in ensuring that both Members and Employers honour the Collective Agreement that has been negotiated and agreed to. This 15-minute course will introduce you to topics like “The Duty of Fair Representation” as well as what kinds of support are available should you decide to stand for election as your Workplace Steward.

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Workplace Health and Safety Representative 

Part of the CUSW philosophy is “owning our safety culture”. As Members, we participate in all levels of safety in the workplace, from policy to procedure, to management, to inspections and investigations. We want to be involved because no one is going to have our best interests in mind more than our own Members. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about the role of the Workplace Health and Safety Representative.

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National Board

When the Members of the National Board come together, they do not talk about the workplace. Instead, they focus on the big picture and the task of building the organization – a democratic organization that responds to the needs and interests of the members as well as all citizens of our country. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about their role and if participating as an Officer of CUSW is something that you would like to do.

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National Committee

There are more than a dozen National Committees, each focusing on a different area of interest so there are many ways for Members to participate based on their skills and interests. These committees are an important channel for Members to have voice in all of the activities and decisions affecting them. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about this important role.

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 Unit Executive 

Each Unit Executive is made up of 7 Members who are nominated and elected by their peers. When Members come together at a Unit meeting or event, it is around a common interest and not directly related to one particular workplace. Instead, Members may discuss issues like the benefit and retirement plan, provide each other with training and tips or plan social events for themselves, their families and their communities. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about this important role.

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Delegates to Convention

Every 3 years, CUSW Members come together to update the Constitution. While every Member is able to submit a Resolution to the Constitution, only those Members who are selected by their peers, participate in the Convention. Complete this 15-minute course to find out more about the important role that Delegates play in shaping the future of our union.

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