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Canadian Fossils ‘Crazy’ to Overlook $3-Trillion Opportunity: McKenna

Put Canada’s third-largest oil company and its U.S.-based global parent in the “crazy” column, according to Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, likely to miss out on “a $3-trillion opportunity.”

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A 115-metre-high wind turbine on the Bruce Peninsula begins listing, facility owners tether it

BRUCE COUNTY, ON – One of three wind turbines at Ferndale, 60 km north of Owen Sound, is listing, and officials are trying to determine what to do about it.

But the owners of the facility say that the site is secure and there is no risk to public safety.

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Source: National Post


The 2016 edition of the world’s most comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible figures on renewable energy capacity have just been released by IRENA.

Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2016, which contains 13,546 data points from more than 200 countries and territories, finds that renewable power generation capacity grew 8.3% in 2015, the highest rate ever recorded. 

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Canadians create solar charger for Tanzania

A new piece of technology is improving the lives of people in northern Tanzania by providing them with a non-polluting source of electrical power dubbed the "hockey puck."

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Source: CBC News

Japanese architect known for structures of renewable materials to design new Coal Harbour tower

A world-renowned architect known for incorporating wood, paper and other renewable materials extensively into buildings is lending his skills to an upcoming Vancouver project.

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Ubifood app aims to curb food waste in Montreal

Like many Montrealers, Caroline Pellegrini is a full-fledged foodie.But she's the kind of foodie that thinks about more than just taking pretty food pictures and posting them on Instagram.Her aim is to curb food waste in Montreal. 

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Source: CBC News



Town to install four wind turbines


The Town of Devon has announced plans to construct four large wind turbines off of Michigan Street as part of the town’s ongoing commitment to green energy. Tony Kulbisky, the town’s chief administrative officer, stands in the area the turbines are set to be installed. 

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Source:Alex Boates/Devon Dispatch



Non-profit, eco-minded Cambodian boutique inn has a Canadian twist

The Green Leaf Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap is owned by three Canadians who’ve made it a non-profit venture to help orphans and a village in need of clean water

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Source: The star




Is it time to decorate the nursery? You want the best for your little one, so why not go natural and do what you can to avoid using materials containing harmful chemicals? From floors and walls to dolls and dressers, there are lots of ways to make your baby’s room both safe and super cute. Here are a few ideas to get you started using natural materials in your soon-to-be eco friendly baby nursery decor.

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Source: Earth





Iqaluit's AWG complex gets solar panels


40 solar panels have been installed at the Arctic Winter Games Complex

The city of Iqaluit has a new way to save on the power bill at its Arctic Winter Games arena, at least when the sun is shining.

The hockey rink – also home to Iqaluit's Youth Centre – recently had 40 solar panels installed on its back wall. And it didn't cost the city a dime.

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Source: CBC News


Beaconsfield hair salon working to reduce waste

It feels good to get your hair done, but you might not know that salons produce a whole lot of waste – hair dye and peroxide are rinsed into the water supply, and every day mounds of hair, foil from colouring, and product containers are thrown away.

A company called Green Circle is helping to solve the problem through a special recycling program.

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Source: CTV News


Canada seeks traditional aboriginal knowledge on climate change

Canadian government awards contracts to research the traditional knowledge of First Nations elders and communities.

The indigenous peoples of northern Canada and other Arctic regions around the world have long argued they are the first to experience and suffer from the effects of global warming.

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Source: The Star


All aboard the electric bus, in St. Albert.

Good for their wind generated power

The City of St. Albert, a northwest suburb of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, says it has taken steps to become the first municipality in Canada to order long-range all-electric buses to deploy on city streets for public transit use. St. Albert has chosen BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, to provide the all-electric buses, which will be delivered to the city in late summer or early fall this year.


Drake Landing: A ray of sunshine for solar thermal energy

2 or 3 sunny summer days enough to heat homes throughout cold seasons in Alberta town’s solar community

Okotoks in southern Alberta is one of the sunniest places in the country — making it a perfect location for Natural Resources Canada to launch a groundbreaking demonstration project. 

Some residents of the town located just south of Calgary are now reaping the benefits. 

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Source: CBC News

Clean disruption? Stanford group plans for 100% green-energy future

Green analysts say fossil-fuel industry could be obsolete by 2030 as clean energy takes over

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Millennials thinking small for affordable housing

Rising housing prices and culture shift causing Generation Y to seek new types of housing

The real estate market is ballooning and young buyers in their 20s and 30s are faced with huge costs for a first home. In pursuit of affordability, many millennials are adapting their expectations, seeking housing that, in some cases, is downright tiny. Read More

Source: CBC News

Anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise


So-called 'bystander effect' means we don't always step up when we see discrimination 

Marketplace investigates if Canadians would come to the aid of a stranger when discrimination is involved.

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Source: CBC News

Village goes solar

While the rest of Canada talks and talks about reducing reliance on fossil fuels, one tiny northern town is leading the way in actually doing it.

Colville Lake, high in a corner of the Northwest Territories, has successfully tested a system of batteries and solar panels that should allow the community to run entirely on the sun's energy — at least in the summerThe community now sees about eight hours of low-angle sunlight a day. By late May, sunlight is virtually 24-hour.

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Source: The Canadian Press


The cold-climate market is hotting up

Building wind farms in remote icy regions where temperatures can drop below minus 40°C hardly seems an appealing prospect for developers.But as easy-access wind-rich sites continue to be snapped up around the world, developers are increasingly looking to the far north and high-altitude regions — where winds are strong, energy yields are higher due to lower air density, and there are fewer permitting hurdles and local opponents to overcome.

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Source: Recharge News

Colville Lake, N.W.T., now powered by solar/diesel hybrid system

Colville Lake, N.W.T., is pioneering a solar power/diesel power hybrid system that is poised to reduce the town's reliance on diesel fuel.

"Apparently the world energy sector has its eyes on how this system is going to work," said Alvin Orlias, who manages Colville Lake's new facility.

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Source: CBC News