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Another Canadian city has made a commitment to become renewable

The City of Regina is in the process of creating a “blueprint for action” on renewable energy which they hope will help them to phase their dependency on fossil fuels by 2050. 

“We need to make a statement for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Michael Fougere. “We are going to champion the cause, and we look forward to rallying people together to make this possible.”

The council meet earlier this week and unanimously approved a motion on renewable energy. The amendment called for actions to improve Regina’s environmental sustainability that could be implemented by the end of 2023. Will start with creating more green roofs, grey water, efficient buildings, electric buses, geothermal energy and banning bottled water in city facilities.

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Source: Regina Leader-Post

New National Job Standards Under Consideration in the Electricity Sector.

New skill sets and essential skills needed in the labour market are driving changes in the electricity industry national job standards. New or revised national standards are being considered for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installer, Wind Turbine Technician, and Smart Grid Specialist among many others.

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Wind Power Now Meets More Than 5% of the World Electricity Needs

The annual Global Wind Report from the Global Wind Energy Council has provided the latest wind statistics from around the world. Canada is now powering just over 3 million homes through wind turbine installations

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Wind Energy Host Communities realizing Economic Benefits

A recent study shows that Wind Energy host communities are seeing economic benefits – now and in the future.

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Hemp Construction Blocks in New Commercial Facility

Construction has started on a fully off-the-grid commercial facility in Kelowna, BC.

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Solar Power Projects in NS

Nova Scotia announces funding for four solar power projects with many more to come.

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New Tidal Power Project in Bay of Fundy

The power of the Bay of Fundy’s tides have warranted $30 million from the federal government’s emerging renewable power program.

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Blue Hill Wind Energy Project

A new large-scale wind project in Saskatchewan has been approved. The project will produce enough electricity for roughly 70,000 homes with up to 56 wind turbines. 

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LiDAR installed at Port Ryerse Wind Farm in Ontario

The LiDAR (light detection and ranging device) uses light to measure wind characteristics as well as temperature, pressure, and humidity all from the single device.  Port Ryerse is a Class 4 Wind Energy Facility. 

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Toronto Ranked in the Top 10 Smart Cities

165 cites from 80 countries were ranked on nine points that include environment, technology, mobility, urban planning and more. Toronto’s performance in the top 10 this year is an improvment from previous years. 

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Top Renewable Energy company named by Reuters

Canadian Solar Inc., a Canadian Company based in Toronto, has been named as the top Renewable Energy company in the world in Reuters’ first Annual Top 100 Global Energy Leaders.

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Solar Panels Work despite Canadian Winters - Study

A Northern Alberta Institute of Technology study findings shows that snow accumulation only results in a three per cent energy loss - even in the midst of a snowy winter.

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Tesla Technology

Builders combine green living with luxury in a 9.8 million dollar home in B.C.   

“What makes this an industry innovation is that the solar panels on the roof feed the Powerwalls – making this a home that, on a sunny day, will produce more energy than it uses. That solar energy gets sent to the hydro grid – essentially giving back power to the collective.”

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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

The Nuclear Generating Station in Pickering has been granted a licence until 2028.

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New Energy Storage Facility

This new energy storage facility uses hydrogen and is expected to reduce energy costs for Ontario consumers.


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Challenges and Opportunities in Construction

“The future of construction is more collaborative and agile, with everybody working towards a common purpose,” says Mary Van Buren, president of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). This article contains tons of interesting perspecitives from top construction experts on where the industry is headed.

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New Sustainable Island in Toronto

Building a whole new island is only part of the story in the Toronto Villiers Island project. Plans include innovative housing standards for heating and cooling energy, structure height distribution to aid solar efficiency and many more sustainability innovations being built in.

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Solar Panel Garden in BC

A community has installed solar panels in a solar garden to harvest power rather than food.  Instead of getting vegetables, gardeners get a share in the savings of energy costs.

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BOMA’s Net Zero Challenge

BOMA Canada to recognize and reward building construction and building management companies that invest in or are supplied by renewable energy.

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Source: REMI Network

Tidal Energy Setback in Nova Scotia

The non-profit group, Marine Renewables Canada, has said such setbacks are to be expected in an emerging industry.  They also note that tidal energy is on the cusp of becoming a viable industry.

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source: The Hamilton Spectator