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Courts uphold the carbon tax in Ontario

Statement released by Policy Director at Clean Energy Canada, Dan Woynillowicz, regarding the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision supporting the constitutionality of Ottawa's federal carbon price. 

“With Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world—triggering an increase in fires and floods—trying to score political points by grandstanding against sound climate policy is not only reckless, it’s deeply dangerous. With four out of five judges ruling in favour of the federal government, in addition to a similar decision in the Saskatchewan court in May, it could not be clearer that fighting climate change is more important than fighting each other. 

“It’s noteworthy that this case, and the court’s decision, goes beyond simply upholding the federal government’s ability to put a price on carbon pollution. It affirms that when provinces fail to act, the federal government can step in to ensure minimum standards for cutting pollution across... Read More

Source: Clean Energy Canada