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Our Mandate

"The Health and Safety and Wellness Committee is committed to providing support and resources to Members and their families in order to establish, build and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles."
-- Health, Safety and Wellness Committee

CUSW Health, Safety & Wellness Policy

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National Day of Mourning 2021

It is important to designate a day of mourning to remember workers who have been killed, injured or suffered disease as a result of work-related incidents, and to honour their families.

A day of mourning also serves to protect the living by strengthening our commitment to health and safety in all workplaces in Ontario, helping to prevent additional deaths, injuries and diseases. (Workers Day of Mourning Act 2016 S.O 2016 Chapter 14).

The Health, Saftey and Wellness committee is asking for fellow members who would like to share what this day means to you or for any pictures you may have commemorating fellow workers. The Committee would love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]


HS&W Conference 2021 - Registration is now open!

This year's virtual conference will be held on Saturday, April, 10, 2021.

Visit the Conference page for details.

Check out the Health and Wellness playlist on the CUSW YouTube Channel!

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Workplace HS Rep – one-hour on-line course

Learn all about the role of the Workplace HS Rep in this NEW one-hour on-line course!

As we head towards an election year in CUSW, this course is very timely since one of the first elections of the year will be for your Workplace Health and Safety Representative.

In this one-hour course, you will learn all about the role of the Workplace HS Rep as well as the skills needed and the duties required.

Click here to read all the details!

Cell phones and cancer risk

The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.

Dr Jonathan Samet, overall Chairman of the Working Group, indicated that "the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion ... that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk."

Download the WHO (World Health Organization) report summary here.

Day of Mourning 2016

Taking a few moments to remember …

…and let’s resolve to prevent further workplace tragedies

The National Day of Mourning is marked every year on April 28. Why should we be pausing to remember those workers who have been killed or injured at work? The numbers tell the story.

In the latest stats, 919 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada. This represents more than 2.5 deaths every single day across the country.

Honouring CUSW Members who have died or been injured at work

We would like to remember CUSW members who died or were seriously injured on the job:

  • Stephen Reilly
  • Bruce Halladay
  • Norm McGhee
  • Albert Plourde
  • Wayne Maschke
  • Pat Graham 
  • Dan Plowman

Please click here to read more

2010 H&S Agreement Hydro One and Construction Trades

"An agreement between Hydro One and it's Construction Trades] Unions concerning the engancement of the requirements of Bill 208 – An Act to Amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act for implementation at Hydro One."

Download document here

New JHSC training standards

New Ministry of Labour (MOL) training standards for Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification take effect on March 1, 2016 and Ontario companies with 20 or more employees are impacted.

Most companies in Ontario with 20 or more employees are required to have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) that complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). For most, that means having at least two committee members – 1 worker and 1 management representative – certified in health and safety.

For more information, please email Howard Brown.

Sign up for CUSW's Annual

Health, Safety & Wellness Conference - 2015

CUSW's National Health, Safety, & Wellness Committee invites you to our HS&W Conference, Nov. 6 & 7, 2015.

We are excited to spend two days sharing our experiences, discussing issues in our workplaces and developing ideas to support our Members all across Canada. The conference runs:

8 am, Friday, Nov. 6 3 pm, Saturday, Nov. 7, at Humber College, Room #GH225 - North Campus, in Toronto.

For maps, hotel info and to sign up

visit our Event Info page

The Workers' Day of Mourning

2015 HSW Committee Presentation:

Fellow Members, Friends and Families,

I am grateful and honoured to be allowed to share with you all, a tribute in remembering the Workers Day of Mourning. On April 28, every year, it is a time to remember and reflect on Workers that have died and suffered illness and disease in the workplace.

We join together as workers, friends and families, all across Ontario, across Canada and around the world to remember and give our respect with one minute of silence for workers that have suffered illness and diseases in the workplace... Read more

View PowerPoint presentation

CUSW On-line Learning Centre

Visit the CUSW on-line learning centre at and use your existing CUSW username and password to enroll. Learn from the comfort of your own home or while passing time in a hotel away from home. There is no cost to Members and you can learn anytime, anywhere, everywhere!

Health & Wellness Course

We believe that every Member has the right to go home safe every day and that we are responsible for our own safety and wellness culture at work, and at home. Complete this course to learn more about the CUSW Health, Safety and Wellness Policy and, more importantly, come to  understand the importance of every Member taking a proactive role in owning our safety culture.

Power Sector Benefit Trust

We have truly amazing Benefit and Retirement Plans! In this course, you will learn about the history of the plans as well as how they are managed by Members. You'll also learn how to access information about both plans through our on-line tools.


Annual CUSW Health, Safety & Wellness Conference 2014.
On behalf of the Canadian Union of Skilled Worker's National Health, Safety, & Wellness Committee, we invite you as a member to our Annual Conference on Friday and Saturday November 7 & 8, 2014 at the North Campus of the Humber College located at 205 Humber College Boulevard in Toronto, conference Room #T132.



All Members of Canadian Union of Skilled Workers should be aware of a new Regulation under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act ("OHSA") that requires mandatory training for Workers and Supervisors. The CUSW Health, Safety and Wellness Committee encourages all Members complete this online training. More details on the training here.

Health, Safety and Wellness Conference, 2013

Photo above: Attendees of the Health and Safety Conference - 2013

Health & Safety Conference 2013 - Documents:

Health, Safety & Environment
and Human Performance Management System
"Safety is not a goal; safety is a long struggle with no final conclusive victory"

– presentation by EMC Power Canada Ltd.
Download PDF

Health Services and Rehabilitation
– Hydro One

Jo-Anne Bassett and Jim Harding
Download PDF

Recommendations from the HSW Conference

for Health and Safety Representatives
Download PDF

Sunnybrook Needs YOU!

Dear Potential Participant: We are writing to you to ask you to participate in a new study because you may have worked in the past and/or are currently working with electricity.... read more

Is your favourite vegetable a french fry?

Do you have a fast-food breakfast?
Do you find your energy fading by early afternoon?
Is your biggest meal of the day dinner?
Do you drink coffee, or pop more than water?

...Then watch THIS for some GREAT tips on how to keep your energy up all day, EASY breakfast and lunch ideas and lots more. This powerpoint presentation takes a minute to watch and could change your life!

Random Alcohol Testing, ruling by the
Supreme Court of Canada, June 14, 2013

"... The Union brought a grievance challenging the mandatory random alcohol testing aspect of a policy on alcohol and drug use that the employer, Irving, unilaterally implemented at a paper mill.

"Under the policy, 10% of employees in safety sensitive positions were to be randomly selected for unannounced breathalyser testing over the course of a year. A positive test for alcohol attracted significant disciplinary action, including dismissal. ..." read the decision

Report on herbicide 2,4,5-T

Beginning in the late 1940s, the herbicide 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T),  was used widely for brush control in Ontario, Canada, and worldwide. In 2011, in response to public concern, the Ontario government formed an independent panel to review 2,4,5-T use, and to evaluate possible health effects....Primary uses of 2,4,5-T  included: rights-of-way clearance around power lines by Ontario Hydro .... download report

The National Day of Mourning: Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day of Mourning Presentation:

Fellow Brothers, Sisters, friends and families: I am grateful and honored to be asked to share with you, a presentation for the Workers Day of Mourning.

The workers who have suffered injury, sickness, disease and death in the workplace are never far from our thoughts, but on April 28th we stop as a united workforce to reflect on the tragedies that happen far too often, with two goals in mind:

• One goal is to pay respect to all those who have suffered on the job.

• The other is to stand united in our commitment to improving working conditions and safety for all employees.

We join together as workers, friends and families, all across Canada and around the world, in a minute of silence. A moment of respect that is denied or ignored by some employers.

The WSIB reported for the year 2011 that 436 workers died in the workplace across Ontario and 240,000 workers suffered injuries, illness and disease. In reality these numbers are likely higher when you consider the number of incidents that go unreported or the number of workers that died from diseases, that were mistakenly not attributed to the workplace.

The Day of Mourning allows us to focus on unhealthy and unsafe work conditions, and to promote dignity, respect, and safety. When we examine the safety culture of our employers, we see things such as:

• In the past not providing our members with fire retardant coveralls for their protection.
• Incident investigation reports not being shared with our members so that we can discuss lessons learned and prevent similar incidents from happening again.
• workers reporting their injuries, but the incident reports do not get documented.

And at the same time:

• Imposing a policy requiring workers to wear gloves 100% of the time in the workplace regardless of the task or risk of injury.
• Imposing a policy requiring the wearing of arc flash / fr clothing at all times regardless of the task or risk of burns.
• Failing to consult with employees or JH&S Committees before introducing new rules, policies, procedures, tools and PPE to the workplace.

To this end, the Health, Safety and Wellness Committee and all the Health and Safety Reps and Stewards will continue to lobby for a safe and healthy workplace for all our members. Let's continue to remember those who were injured or died on the job each Day of Mourning in an effort to make all workplaces safer for all employees. We will draw knowledge from our past to strengthen our future.

Please take a moment to remember a few of the CUSW members who have suffered tragedies recently: Steven Reilly, Norm Mcghee, Bruce Haliday, Albert Plouard, Pat Graham, Dan Plaxman, Wayne Mashke, Darren Christie.

On behalf of the HS&WC, I encourage you to read the CUSW Health and Safety policy.

Thank You"

Day of Mourning Documents:

2013 Day of Mourning Presentation – text, .PDF

• 2013 Day of Mourning, Nexus presentation

• Fact Sheet, "Why We Need a Day of Mourning"
(statistics for deaths and injuries in Ontario workplaces since 1979), .PDF


Personal Protective Equipment

This presentation shares results of a study on the Impact of Contaminants on PPE

Click here to view the presentation.



Highlights from HW&S Conference, 2012

Health, Safety and Wellness Conference, 2012

Photo: Attendees of H&S Conference 2012

Documents from the 2011 H&S Conference:




download/view Workbook  / Ministry of Labour  Powerpoint presentation

Responding to Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Assaults

By Carolyn Hart ... download document, click here