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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I submit a resolution?

A resolution can be submitted at 3-4 months prior to the Convention when calls are made out from the National Board for resolutions.

2. How do I submit a resolution? 

Once the call for resoutions is distributed an online resolution form will be available on this site.

3. How are changes made to the Constitution?

Changes are made to the Constitution every three years at the convention.  All submitted resolutions gathered are reviewed and voted on.  Resolutions that are passed are then submitted to be made as changes to the Constitution.

4. What should I do if I do not understand something written in the Constitution? 

If you do not understand something written in the Constitution please feel free to ask any of your fellow members or ask your unit. If you still do not have resolution to your answer, please feel free to contact any member on the Constitution committee at any time.