Employer Agreements

ASWA's goal is to provide a bridge for Aboriginal people to move to gainful employment. We have chosen to work specifically in the area of contingent workers, which now represents about 35-40 per cent of all employment. Job opportunities range from entry level to highly skilled workers, creating a broad spectrum for participants.

At ASWA we are building a pool of workers accessible to those employers who want to work with us. This approach provides an entry point for these workers and also provides a source of funding to support ASWA, a non-profit, Member-driven and supported organization.

ASWA can help

We know you are busy running day-to-day operations, and finding skilled labour is just one more thing on your 'to-do' list each day! ASWA can help you out, by matching your needs with skilled, fully-qualified Aboriginal workers.

After joining ASWA, you can submit a 'work order request'. If, for example, you need two carpenters, an electrician and a heavy equipment operator for next Monday, our office springs into action to find ASWA Members who meet your criteria and timeframe. Our member database includes the resumes and certificates of job-ready journeypersons and apprentices.

Types of agreements

Employment Contract

ASWA is a legal entity that can enter into “contracts of employment” with Employers. This allows participation of the Members in the negotiation and administration of the contract provisions agreed upon between ASWA and the Employer.  

This Agreement will outline working conditions, safety protocols, wages and conditions and include a disputes resolution process.

The Agreement would identify job classifications covered by the agreement and set out training and apprenticeship provisions appropriate for the industry. This allows for parties to the agreement to develop a true partnership, where your company and our members work together to build success for all concerned.

This is the best type of agreement because it provides you with an uninterrupted flow of fully qualified workers whenever you need them.

Supplemental Workers' Agreement (SWA)

This is a really flexible option for a business that has seasonal requirements or needs workers for short periods of time. ASWA does not impact your relationship with your existing workforce, but does allow you to add ASWA Members to your workforce on an as-needed basis.

Staffing Agency

ASWA can also function as a Staffing Agency. Through our built-in services we can provide an employer owner/operator with a full-service model where we manage the administration of the wages, benefits, WCB, tax reporting obligations and staff selection and timekeeping methods that meet your needs.

We can use the same pool of workers to supply contractors or staffing agencies or supplemental workers. We can also register apprentices and provide continuity of training over time. ASWA is funded by the workers who work through the pool.