null COVID-19 Membership Update and Employee Communication 8

COVID-19 Update

June 20, 2020

COVID-19 Membership Update and Employee Communication 8

Recent Stage 2 reopening plan announcements from the Ontario Government are welcome news. We're seeing that overall, Ontarians are following health authority guidelines which is contributing to a decline in new infections, as recent data shows. But we must remain as vigilant as ever to maintain the progress that has been made. Recent reports show a slight increase in cases in some communities with anecdotal reports pointing to a lack of physical distancing as the cause. To avoid a second wave, let's all stick to the plan and ensure we distance ourselves as much as possible when we're at work and out in public.

Workplace Update
There has been more progress with employers' work programs resuming and members returning to work. We remind members that new safety measures are in place, and our workplaces look very different to what we are used to. Members are reminded again that if you are not feeling well, do not go to work. Report any symptoms to your Supervisor and follow on-site instructions. Connect with your Workplace Representatives if you have questions or require assistance.

Stewards and HSW Members & Staff
Stewards and Joint Health & Safety Committee Members remain very active over the last number of weeks listening to your concerns, working with Management to resolve issues and ensuring the health and safety for all members. Meanwhile, office staff have been working hard to maintain "business as usual" in the office. Please take the time to thank them for their efforts.

Staying Up to Date

We continue to advise Members and Staff to monitor the latest notices and advisories on COVID-19 from Federal, Provincial and local health authorities. The Public Health Canada website has many resources:

Public Health Canada Website

Resources for Members struggling with Stress
This is a stressful time for everyone. From the beginning, we have reinforced the need for members to take stock of their mental well-being and to seek help if they need it. Fortunately, help is available through your PSBT Member & Family Assistance Plan (MFAP) delivered on our behalf by Homewood Health. Among the services available to help members and their families during this time are: Childcare resourcesRelationship coachingParenting resources and Financial counselling. Assistance is available 24/7. Learn more on the PSBT website:
The Power Sector Benefit Trust (PSBT)

Resources for Members from Employers
For guidance from specific employers including media releases, policies for dispatch, hygiene and work preparedness, visit the COVID-19 resources page on the CUSW website:
CUSW COVID-19 Information

Keeping in Touch
With our offices closed and many staff working from home, we will continue to respond to members’ needs as promptly as possible, and remain ready and able to assist. The best way to correspond with staff is via email at the following addresses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

CUSW General: [email protected]
CUSW Apprenticeship: [email protected]
Security Clearances: [email protected]
Training Trust: [email protected]
PSBT Benefits[email protected]
PSRT Retirement[email protected]

As always, you can find this information on our websites along with other helpful services and information about membership behind sign in.

Thank you,
National Executive Board